Show them how you feel, Who cares WTF they think!

When you are getting ready to head out for some fun, relaxation or to get your groove on, you always think what the hell am I going to wear. You go in your closet and riffle through a series of clothes and end up grabbing a couple items, then try and decide ok, lets go with this.  In the back of your mind you wonder, how does this look and feel and what will others think?

I'm here to tell ya, DON'T WORRY ABOUT WHAT THEY THINK! Go with your gut, because what your trying to display is pure feeling and beauty. Yeah, I feel confident with this shirt, shoes or what ever it is, strut your stuff is what I say. Don't be that person going into an establishment only to see some other individual wearing the same shirt your wearing because you chose not to wear that OTHER shirt!  We've all been there a time or two right? 

When you are with your company of friends, your posse', we all fit a narrative of a certain blend, the atmosphere is energized, you feel a sense of being in a wolf pack. Ya' feel good, ya' look good, the vibe you went out to get is what you got!

Skelebones purpose is to provide you the clothing that gives you that sense of securement of your appearance, hey, if you can feel it, they can see it. If you have a statement, display it.  Don't be afraid to express yourself or your opinion, because those few that are mad at the world certainly will.  I hope with our line of clothing, you'll find what you feel in our designs, our brands and our commitment in giving you a sense of feeling like a wolf where ever you go.


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