About us

Skelebone Clothing Company was created to bring you high end products but at a much lower cost than the price of the big super chain stores that has no focus on certain peoples desires in fashion such as Bikers, Musicians (music lovers), Patriotic people and weekend hell raisers...some of which are all the above!

Our vision, is to simply give you one store that can provide you with all of that and more. Having a taste for fashion, we've been able to work with some of the most creative minds in the fashion industry from around the world and bring it to you right here, right now.  We have some of the most coolest, sexiest apparel that fits your lifestyle with just a couple clicks away.

If your a country loving biker riding your way to play a gig downtown with a guitar strapped on your back, or just going to a bar, club or even camping, we have the clothes you'll feel and look good in, short, tall, skinny or lots to love, we've got you covered!

Our T-shirts are made of the highest quality and almost silky to the touch. Our T-shirts will hold our designs and won't fade after just a few washes, we don't mess with low end $0.50 cent shirts!

If for any reason you are not satisfied, not only you have the 30 day warranty, we will make it right until you are satisfied, each issue will be handled under circumstance individually. 

Please feel free to contact us via email at: john@skelebone.com for any questions or concerns.